"The Last Plague"
Dystopian Medical Thriller

After a weaponized vaccine sparks worldwide panic, a solitary young pathologist must find the courage to leave his morgue to avert a global medical catastrophe.

Atlanta 2050. Science without ethics grips our near future. Cloning is commonplace. Medicine reaches for bold new pinnacles no matter the cost. The promise of eternal life lurks just around the corner in the research lab.

Behold... Chaos wears a white lab coat when a revolutionary vaccine promising to end disease becomes a death sentence.

Meet Dr. Avit Arceneaux, a research pathologist and harvested clone bound by duty and fate. The pandemic spreads, and Avit unearths a horrifying truth – the vaccine is a weaponized virus designed for destruction.

Avit races against time to unravel the sinister plot as political and military powers vie for control, having ensured their protection with inoculations against the lethal virus given before the release of the contagion.

But Avit's discovery during a stat autopsy sends shockwaves... The young soldier rotted from the inside out.

The ruling elite are as vulnerable as everyone else.

Does the all-clear signal the end of the pandemic or the beginning of the end?

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Author Dawn C. Crouch